Pueblo SacBe Lot

Pueblo SacBe is a conscious community growing in the jungle between Mother Earth and the Caribbean sea.
The Developers collective dream is to create community in a safe and respectful environment, encouraging awareness of our globe and harmony in our lives. Their focus is on creating an intentional village that functions within the laws of nature and becomes sustainable with the ingenuity of the villagers and the abundant local resources. The SacBe Team is committed to the project and their  goal is to draw like minded people to share this tapestry of dreams.
The goal of Pueblo SacBe is to create community. They have already established biking and hiking trails throughout the village, linking the several parks and neighborhoods in a manner that gives respect to the natural ambiance. They have  built gathering areas in the parks for barbeques, family get-togethers and musical evenings. To protect their concepts, SacBe is forming the community under a Master Condominium – “Pueblo SacBe Civil Association”. Our bylaws have been designed to conserve the jungle, preserve our incredible water system, and respect the members of the village.

Lot sizes range from approximately 500 square meters (1/8 acre) to 19,000 square meters (4 3/4 acres). Prices between $190 USD and $270 USD per square meter.
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